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Since 2005 I have visited 7 African countries and have fallen in love with the beauty of the people and their land. I am sure you have heard a lot about Africa in the media and I am hoping to help connect the idea with faces and real ideas. In a small village in Uganda lives the Trinity School, where over 600 children are receiving their primary education. Unlike the United States, there are no "real" public schools, so supporting a private institution becomes the only true way to give these children a chance, and sometimes even a home. I have never been received with more love than when I first visited Trinity. In addition to the primary school, there is a medical clinic, nursery, and high school that are all connected by the spirit of one man.

Read the story, learn how to help:



The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International / Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) /

I have always been fascinated by both of these beautiful animals. A love that was inspired by my father as a little girl. The mountain gorilla and the orangutan are endangered species whose populations have diminished due to poaching, encroachment, and logging. They are closely related to humans and one look into their eyes leaves no doubt. This past summer I trekked the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda to learn and support the work that Dian Fossey started in the 1960's. A trip that I will never forget and certainly the greatest adventure I have ever taken.

This summer I had the incredible opportunity to visit Dr. Birute Galdikas in Borneo and learn about the work she has done in Indonesia for the past 37 years on behalf  of the orangutan. Following the work of Dian Fossey and Jane Goodall, Dr. Louis Leakey helped fund her study in 1971. She has devoted her life to learning, educating and preserving these beautiful animals.  They were so human and affectionate. They used tools, showed emotion, were playful, and knew the Dr. like a child knows it's mother. I literally fell in love with the orangutan and you can see why. We cannot lose our link to these amazing primates.  Please visit these sites, learn, get inspired, take action!




One CampaignONE Campaign

I love the One Campaign. it is a nonpartisan effort to fight extreme poverty and global AIDS. You can make a difference simply by signing your name. THis declaration increases awareness. Solving these problems may seem overwhelming and sometimes it is hard to know where to begin. ONE makes it easy. There are all sorts of tangible ways you can contribute. Even the smallest act can become part of the biggest change.


One CampaignThe Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS)

While everyone was getting ready for Y2K and the new millennium. I was trying to get over the worst day in my life, the loss of my Dad. As the New year was ringing in I was about to face the second worst day of my life with the diagnosis of cancer, blood cancer. Never really knew much about the disease but trust me you get educated really quick. By the end of the year I was a survivor.

One of the many things I learned is that research for cancer is funded in great part by people like me and you. Regular people who are making the difference between life and death. And, they are finding cures and they are getting closer every day to wiping cancer off the map.

I continue to be a patient advocate, peer counselor, and a voice for something we hear so much about but still continues to be shouted loud and clear. Make a difference. Learn.

And if you are a patient or survivor and need a friend. I am here, call on me any time.

Better days ahead.